Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Accessories 2006 (polymer clay)

T-Shirts (computer drawings and print)

I printed in some inkjet cloth transfer...
Yurie and Teruki (a friend)
Yurie and Mayu

Just for Fun (computer drawings...)

"Kiss" (playing with computer and photos...)


Recycled Box

Some from milk, or detergent... mixed with some japanese collections trade cards

Yuna (Shimokitazawa's Faerie)

Polymer Clay

Living Creatures (polymer clay)

Halloween (Mayu 2006)

Recycling cassette tape
her wig is made of...
Made by me of course!

My Yogi... (polymer clay)

Polymer Clay

My miniature Dolls (polymer clay)

Kanzashis (Mayu Shitigosan)

The same kimono and hair accessory, just some few changes... and Mayu of course!
sometime in 2006

Kanzashis (Yurie Shitigosan)

Photos when Yurie went to the Temple for her Shitigosan...
sometime in 2004
I made the hair ornament...

Kanzashis (japanese hair ornament)

I made those from bamboo, mixed media, japanese patterns

Art in Clay

Recycled Art

Just playing around with my own things...

Eco Creatures Polymer Clay (recycling glass bottles)